Exercise during your period. Yay or Nay?

exercise during your period? Clementine organic tampons and natural pads


Physical exercise should be a part of everyone’s routine. It provides a range of various health benefits and it makes people feel good inside and out. But when period comes, how can it help? Let’s find out!

A healthy lifestyle and a regular workout routine go hand in hand. Exercising helps to maintain a healthy weight and good cardiac and respiratory functions, and, during menstruation, it is also a healthful choice. Through physical exercise, the production of endorphins (“happy hormones”) increases, which will help to reduce some unpleasant symptoms some women experience during menstruation.

Bye-bye, fatigue!
The hormonal changes that a woman’s body suffers during her period can increase the sensation of fatigue. Actually, in the first days of your period, you may need some extra rest or sleep, but after that, you should exercise a bit. Even if the first minutes are hard, the moment the blood circulation starts increasing, you will feel amazing and full of energy. It will boost your energy levels to the top!

Adios, menstrual pain!
For the ones suffering with cramps during menstruation, exercise could be an excellent ally since working out before or during your period can help to reduce the pain. The best part is that it does not need to be for a long time. Half an hour of workout per day offers benefits by releasing endorphins that increase blood circulation and help to reduce the pain.

So long, bad mood!
Exercising during menstruation will reduce feelings of depression. If you get your body moving and some endorphins flowing, you’ll feel in a better mood. The hormones released during a workout give your body a positive feeling and help to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.


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There are no forbidden exercises during menstruation, but it is important to know that overexercising can cause amenorrhea. A regular menstrual cycle is an important sign of good health, and if you notice you are missing menstruation because of an intense exercise routine, you should definitely see a doctor. It is important to listen to your body necessities to prevent any bad consequences.

That being said, there are no bad choices when it comes to workout, even during your period.

  • Walking, for instance, is an excellent exercise. It can easily be incorporated in the daily routine since it doesn’t require a special location or equipment, which is great. Also, you can walk for as long as you want, adjust the speed (and run, if you like to), and it is free!
  • Swimming is another excellent option, especially if you’re suffering with menstrual cramps, since in the water you’re supposed to feel less pain!
  • Finally, if you’re more into yoga or pilates, you should know that they are also great exercises to do during menstruation. Yoga is amazing for muscle relaxation and helps to reduce cramps and pain in general. Pilates reduces menstrual pain by stretching muscles all over the body.


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