Period Box High Flow | 36 units/box

Period Box High Flow | 36 units/box

This period box is perfect for High Flow – more than 6 days. It's a combination of certified organic cotton non-applicator tampons, eco-friendly night and day pads and panty liners. 

    Say goodbye to toxic and polluting menstrual products.

    This box doesn't suit your period? No worries, you can always make your own period box!

    • 5 ultra-thin Night Pads

      5 ultra-thin Day Pads

      10 organic cotton Non-Applicator Tampons Super-Plus

      5 organic cotton Non-Applicator Tampons Super

      6 organic cotton Non-Applicator Tampons Regular

      5 ultra-thin Panty Liners

    Frequently asked questions

    What are the ingredients in Clementine pads and panty liners?

    Clementine ultra thin pads with wings and panty liners are made of corn starch and bamboo fiber, with natural antibacterial and breathabilityproperties. The core is made of wood pulp, more absorbent when compared with a cotton pad.

    Our pads are 95% biodegradable. To ensure performance we need to include a polymer layer in the middle. We don’t like it, and we know that this solution is still not perfect but it’s the most biodegradable we could find! In the meantime we'll continue to search with our partners to develop a better and more green alternative.

    What are Clementine pads and panty liners wrapped in?

    Our wrappers are 100% plastic free, they are made of biodegradable and compostable corn starch film.

    What ingredients are Clementine tampons made with?

    Clementine tampons are made of 100% certified organic cotton.

    Clementine tampons do not contain synthetic fibers, chemical additives, fragrance, dyes, chlorine bleach, GMOs, pesticides, toxins, latex, or formaldehyde.

    What are Clementine tampons wrapped in?

    Our wrappers are 100% paper.

    Can I flush Clementine tampons?

    No! Even though they are 100% biodegradable we do not recommend flushing them as they can block the system.

    Can I place a one time order?

    Yes, you can! You can choose to place a one time order or subscribe-to-save when you purchase our products.