Applicator Tampons Regular | 6 boxes


Applicator Tampons Regular | 6 boxes

Stock up on powerful leak protection. For a limited time, get a value pack of 6 boxes, each with 12 regular tampons, for super savings. All subscription-free.

  • 100% made with organic cotton certified by GOTS

    Wrapped around paper

    Expands in all directions to protect against leaks

    Cardboard applicator - NO PLASTIC!

Frequently asked questions

What ingredients are Clementine tampons made with?

Clementine tampons are made of 100% certified organic cotton.

Clementine tampons do not contain synthetic fibers, chemical additives, fragrance, dyes, chlorine bleach, GMOs, pesticides, toxins, latex, or formaldehyde.

What are Clementine tampons wrapped in?

Our wrappers are 100% paper.

Why don’t you sell tampons with plastic applicator?

It’s possible to find in the market organic cotton tampons with BPA-free plastic applicator, but plastic is plastic and we take good care of you and Mother Nature.

Our organic cotton tampons have a cardboard applicator - NO PLASTIC!

Can I flush Clementine tampons?

No! Even though they are 100% biodegradable we do not recommend flushing them as they can block the system.