Conventional vs. Natural Panty Liners: everything you need to know

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Shocking news came some years ago as a result of a study about toxic substances found in sanitary pads, panty liners and tampons from the main brands sold in supermarkets [Source]. Unfortunately, this is not unexpected, since manufacturers are not required by law to disclose the ingredients on feminine hygiene products.

For this and other reasons, a new kind of female hygiene products have emerged in the last years: natural panty liners and feminine sanitary products.

Why use natural panty liners?

If the answer isn’t clear to you, check out six reasons why natural panty liners should be your go-to option.

#1. Plastic is the main ingredient in the average conventional panty liner

Yep, this is the sad truth. In an age where we’re struggling to fight plastic, we find that the average panty liner is 90% plastic. And it’s not only the packaging, it is also the menstrual products themselves. Scary. And, apart from the clear environmental problem this represents, it is also a problem for women’s health – long-time exposure of your vagina to crude oil plastics? No, thanks.

#2. Conventional panty liners contain toxics

BPA, phthalates, petrochemical additives… These are just a few of the “ingredients” in conventional panty liners – which are, by the way, not often disclosed.

The continuous exposure to these chemicals was linked in a study to fertility problems, chemical burns in the skin and even as far as ovarian failure and cancer [source].

Natural panty liners (and other menstrual sanitary products) are free of chemicals and made with almost 100% natural materials from sustainable and reliable sources.

#3. Fragrances can cause rashes and allergies

Many panty liners and sanitary pads have a layer with a fragrance that is allegedly used to mask the smell of menstrual blood.

First off: let’s all stop being embarrassed about our periods. With a good hygiene no one needs scented panty liners or sanitary pads. Menstrual blood has a characteristic smell that is in most of cases completely imperceptible for someone other than you. Much like that micro-pimple.

Secondly, why risk having an allergic reaction or a rash, or even exposing yourself to dubious chemicals for something that has no proven effect? Plus, natural panty liners made of natural fibres like cotton are much more breathable and absorbent than any synthetic material. 

#4. Non-organic cotton may contain pesticides and other chemicals

The same study that exposed some of the well-known supermarket-sold brands pointed that much of the cotton used in conventional panty liners showed traces of pesticides – which would absolutely not happen with organic cotton. These pesticides found in conventional panty liners and other feminine hygiene products are directly linked to hormonal function disruptions, and ever more serious problems such as cancer. [source]

#5. Natural panty liners are eco-friendly

By being produced with natural fibres from organic and sustainable sources, natural panty liners steer clear of plastic and other synthetic materials that are, as you well know, extremely polluting and harmful for the environment [Source]. Most  natural panty liners are also biodegradable, such as Clementine Natural Panty Liners. Not to mention wildlife and protected habitats, which also benefit from eco-friendly industries and processes.

#6. Natural panty liners are safer

Natural fibres and materials are hypoallergenic and sterile. And, of course, free of chemicals, toxics or pesticides. By being made of natural breathable fibres, natural panty liners help you stay clean and do not retain moisture – which is a breeding ground for nasty infection-causing bacteria. Also, Clementine natural panty liners are bleach-free and colourant-free. Why settle for doubt when you can be sure? 

As always, the choice is yours to make: your body, your rules. However, informed decisions are the best decisions.

Take good care. Of yourself. Of your planet. Of your vagina.


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