Eco friendly tampons and pads- Why did I started this?


The sudden and unexpected disease of a loved one was my wake-up call - we shouldn’t postpone our dreams to a better day, you never know the future. That’s when my family and I decided to make a dream come true and made a trip around the world.

Across our trip, pollution was everywhere, on the streets, beaches and people seemed to be used to it! It was hard to explain to my kids that it was us, the humans, that were doing that to their own planet.

There is an old saying “We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors, we Borrow It from Our Children” that inspires me a lot, and urged me to take action in making this a better world for my children, all the children.

Like many of you, I never thought for a second about the hygienic female products I was using since my 13 y.o. So, imagine my surprise when I realized that the amount of plastic used in pads and tampons is huge, and that manufacturers make their own judgments about safety, by using bleach, chlorine and other stuff in these products, that will harm our health!

And so I started Clementine Take Good Care, a company committed to lowering our impact on the environment with eco-friendly period products with no nasty ingredients, that you can trust.

Because Women and Mother Nature deserve better.


travelling family - zero waste eco-friendly organic slow living

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