Female underwear: 7 rules for a healthy vagina

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Healthy Vagina: it all starts with female underwear

Ladies, we don’t want to ruin the fun! You can use sexy, funny or cute female underwear – just make sure it is the right kind.

#1. Go natural

Go for natural fabric as much as possible, especially cotton. Cotton is the best fabric for female underwear because it lets your vagina breathe. Synthetic fabric like lace or polyester do not allow your skin to breathe as well and make your skin heat and sweat more. This, a hot and moist environment, is the perfect place for nasty bacteria to develop. 

#2. Choose the right size

You’d never use a pair of jeans that was one or two sizes below yours, right? You should do the same with female underwear – especially panties. Tight panties (and lower body clothes), especially if made of synthetic fibres, may be contributing to excessive sweating and agglomeration of moisture.

#3. Prefer white

Some tints used for clothes are not suitable for female underwear, as they may be toxic or irritant. But we know your funky female underwear is cute, so make sure the fabrics and tints used are safe and proceeding of sustainable manufacturers.

#4. Grandma panties to sleep

Some experts say one shouldn’t wear any underwear while sleeping, some others recommend loose fitting female underwear. There isn’t really a consensus, but one thing is true: your vagina and vulva shouldn’t be constrained 24/7. Give them some space to breathe and don’t give bacteria an opportunity to thrive.

#5. Careful washes

The way you wash your underwear is very important to the overall health of your vagina. Female underwear should be washed with a hypoallergenic fragrance-free detergent, much like the one used for baby clothes. Using fabric softener is also not recommended, since many contain artificial fragrances and colouring which might cause irritation of the skin.

#6. Replace it frequently

We know you love those panties but, just like pillows and toothbrushes, female underwear should be replaced with some frequency. Of course, you don’t have to renew your panties drawer every month, but keep in mind that once a year is a good time to get some new female underwear.

#7. Why not organic?

Since we’re talking about the health of our vaginas, why not go the extra mile and assure that our underwear is made with fabric from organic sources? The less exposure to possible chemicals (like, for example those found in synthetic materials, or pesticide traces in non-organic cotton) the better! Right?

Remember that wearing clean undies every day is not enough to guarantee your female underwear is keeping your vagina safe.


Share your thoughts with us and take good care!


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