From heavy to light: how is your period flow?

Fun fact: although it seems like at least half a litre, the typical period flow consists of only 5 to 80 ml of actual blood. And, on average, your period flow is comprised of 36% blood and 64% others like tissue, blood clots, vaginal mucus, and uterine lining. But, as we said, these are only average values, which can vary from woman to woman.

It is common for period flows to decrease from the first to the last day, that is, do not think it is strange if you bleed rather heavily on the first day or two of your period, and barely bleed on the final two. Some women can have a very heavy period flow from day one to day seven, and others might always have a very light one. Every body is different, and so are period flows.

  • Heavy period flow: you can use a higher-absorbency tampon or pad up to 4 hours, or a regular absorbency tampon or pad that needs changing every two hours. You might need to combine a tampon with a pad or a panty liner. Your period lasts 6 or more days.
  • Medium period flow: you can comfortably use a regular absorbency tampon or pad up to 4 hours, while sometimes needing to complement the use of a tampon with panty liner. Your period generally lasts around 4-6 days.
  • Light period flow: you are perfectly comfortable using a lower absorbency tampon or pad up to 4 hours and do not need additional protection. Your period lasts 3 to 4 days.

Remember that these durations are only an average.

How to determine which size tampons are a fit for my period flow?

Our advice is to start by the lowest level of absorbency tampons if you are unsure about your period flow. You might want to use a pad alongside your tampon – for any eventual leaking. Do remember to change your tampon regularly, preferably every four to six hours, even if it feels like you could use it for longer – Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare but serious disease, and one of the risk factors is using tampons for longer than recommended.

If you notice that your pad or panty liner has bloody spots on it while you are wearing a tampon, and when you take your tampon out it is completely soaked, you might need a higher level of absorbency tampon.

Check out Clementine’s natural tampons: with or without applicator and in three sizes: regular, plus and super plus. We recommend the size Super Plus for heavy period flows; the size Plus for medium and medium to heavy; and the size Regular size for medium or light period flow.

How to determine which size pads are best to my flow?

We advise you not getting the lowest absorbency pad size possible, but rather a medium-sized one or even a high absorbency one.

If you do see that your pad is still very “white” after using it for four to six hours, then maybe you should use a smaller size. If on the other hand, your pad is way too bloody or you even get leaks into your underwear, consider upping the size. Check out Clementine’s natural pads! Made of corn and bamboo starch, and available in two sizes.

Remember, although pads are not inserted into the vagina - and therefore the risk of contracting TSS it is minima - they should be changed frequently, to avoid getting a Rash or infection. Blood on a pad for too long can become a breeding ground for bateria.

Do you know Clementine’s Biodegradable Panty Liners

And what about nighttime?

This is a tough one. Some women prefer to use tampons during the night, even if it means that they will wear a tampon for up to eight hours. Our advice is to never exceed the recommended times of 4 to 6 hours. And this means that you would have to wake up during the night to change your tampon. A safe way to go around this is to use pads overnight. Clementine’s night pads are longer, more absorbent and have wider wings to give an extra coverage to your underwear and minimise leaks.

Better prepared than surprised

Again, figuring your period flow is a question of trial and error, but following these tips, you should have it figured out after a couple of cycles.

The most likely cause is that your period flow varies during your cycle and that you end up needing a varied mix when it comes to menstrual products sizes. We have the solution for that! Clementine’s Period Box allows you to choose between three different sizes of tampons (with or without applicator), two sizes of period pads and panty liners, in accordance to your specific needs.

Take good care. Of you. Of your period. Of Mother Earth.





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