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Getting to know your period its not always a simple task. Truth be told, if you do not mark it on a calendar, chances are that you do not really know when it is coming or when was the last time you had your menstruation. To make life simpler, many apps have been designed to allow you to know your menstrual cycle.

But why is it important? If you key in the days of your period on the app, after a few months, it will be able to predict when you are ovulating, what is your fertile period and when is your menstruation flow due to start. Besides that, you can track your symptoms in order to figure out if they are period-related or not. In sum, these apps will help you know your body better.

We found five apps that we like. They are easy to use, helpful and have an appealing design. See if you like any of them and tell us if you use a different one!



Android & iOS | Free

Clue is an easy app to use. It has a clean interface but it has everything that a woman needs to keep track of her period. Besides that, it informs you of your fertile window and has more that 30 health categories so you can log all your symptoms in the most accurate way possible. It also has personalised reminders so you do not forget to take your pill, for example. Foremost, the app is always giving information about women’s health.



Android & iOS | Free

Flo is one of the most complete apps out there. Besides allowing you to log every information about your cycle, this app provides graphs that explain to you what your body is doing and when, based on the information you provide. If you get pregnant, it also turns into a pregnancy tracker. To conclude, it is a pretty comprehensive app than can come in handy at any given time of your life.



Android & iOS | Free

Glow is a well-known app that allows you to track your fertility. Eve by Glow is from the same creators but it is mainly focused on period tracking. Although it is rather simple, it has everything a girl needs to track their menstrual cycle. Apart from that, it has an attractive interface that is easy to use.



Android & iOS | Free

If you do not feel too comfortable having an app in your phone that looks like a period tracking app, Cycles is for you. It has a simple interface that allows you to update it very discreetly. But what makes this app so unique and cool is that it allows you to sync the information with your partner so he can also keep track of your cycle and of why you are having those mood swings.



Android & iOS | Free

Tracking your period with Period Diary can be a simple task. It has more than 30 PMS symptoms and 20 moods for you to log in. Like the others, it tells you when your period is coming and shows, through a chart, the variations in moods, symptoms, and weight throughout the month. This app has a forum so you can talk to other women and make questions about your period without fear of being judged, which can be very helpful in a day-to-day basis.


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